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  • 2022 Daily Bridge Calendar. Great hands to study, new Bridge terms and conventions to learn, plus play tips and tricks.

  • Great new Bidding Puzzles. Topics include opener's rebid, overcalls, preempts, balancing bids.

  • We now have some great Non Bridge Products too. Books, Calendars, Maps, Charts, Magnets, Bookmarks. more

  • Have some fun and learn something too with our new Historic Timeline Quiz.

  • How to bid the modern system of Limit Raises to give partner a more exact picture of your hand.

  • Opening Lead Charts so you don't have to guess all the time on the very first trick.

  • A new addition to our popular magnet line. The Finesse Percentages. Need to know information.

  • A Bidding Index to common bidding situations: delayed jumpshifts, forcing bids, weak two's, free bids etc

  • Check out the extra durable and washable all plastic Kem Bridge Cards. Stylish colors.

  • Start bidding the Stayman Convention. This is one of the most popular conventions. Simple guidelines.

  • Do you have a rule question bothering you? We now have Rule Books for Sale for both duplicate and rubber Bridge.

  • Easy to read Jumbo Index ACBL Cards. Several jumbo index styles are available in addition to the regular size cards.

  • Get information and your questions answered on Bridge Conventions. Length and strength required for popular bids.

  • Jacoby Transfers explained in plain English. Get in the game, have fun, bid better to the right contract.

  • Become one of our Bridge Members and get access to 20 more Bridge hands, 18 quizzes, 10 worksheets, 16 bidding help pages, and a 10% discount on all our products - all for just $2 a month!

  • Overcall Bidding. The requirements for suit length, point count, and strategy used when making overcalls.

  • Why partner passes, jumpshifts, transfers etc Bidding Answers to frequently asked Bridge questions.

  • The requirements for Responding to partner's opening bid. New suit bids, notrump, raises, 2 level bids...

  • Bridge Recipe Cards are just the thing for your next party. Great recipes for snacks, desserts, salads, and entrees.

  • In addition to Tallies for 2,3,4,5 tables, we now have Tallys for 6 and 7 tables.

  • Which suit should you make your Opening Bid in, and the requirements to open the bidding in a suit or notrump.

  • One of the most common bids. How and when to bid the Short Club. Point count requirements and suit shape needed.

  • We've added some new Art Scenes Playing Cards and matching tallies and scorepads. Take a look.

  • Finesses. Information on taking them and when and when not to take a finesse. Keeping the danger hand off lead.

  • Try your hand with our interesting Opening Lead quiz. You'll learn valuable leading principles.

  • Raising Partner's Bid. What you should hold to make a simple raise of your partner's opening suit bid.

  • Our order forms automatically display the Shipping Charges as you select each item. There is also a shipping chart for easy viewing of regular, priority, and international shipping.

  • The Blackwood Convention. A fast easy explanation of probably the most popular Bridge convention ever.

  • You make an opening bid 25% of the time. Which suit do you bid first with 6-6 shape, 6-5, 5-5?

  • Try our online store for Bridge Playing Cards in many different styles: Bicycle, ACBL, Aviator, Congress...

  • Bidding Challenge. Test your bidding skills. You must come up with the next correct bid for different hands. There are now 16 different challenges.

  • Short but very informative puzzles with Bridge Nuggets. Learn the key playing strategies.

  • Tell which of our Member Pages you've already visited with our new color coding. A 10% discount on all our products too.

  • The requirements to make common Jumpshift Bids. The point count and suit length that you need to jumpshift.

  • See how your fellow players answered some very common Bidding Situations with our weekly poll.

  • More kinds of New Playing Cards Added. We now have colorful ACBL playing cards, plus Bicycle Bridge, Poker, and Pinochle cards for you to choose from.

  • Our Easy Read Tallys just got even better with a New Tally Format that totally cuts the clutter.

  • Help with various Bidding Conventions. Details on Blackwood, Transfers, Gerber, Jumpshifts, Gerber...

  • Ever wonder what's in all those dishes are in your refrigerator? Our Refrigerator Leftover Labels are the perfect solution. Makes a great gift too.

  • How to bid a Convenient Minor. This is one of the most common bids you make to get a hand started.

  • A new and easy to read color coded Price Chart for all our products.

  • New NoTrump Worksheets added. Covers common bidding when partner opens NoTrump and you want to respond in NoTrump, use Stayman, or Jacoby.

  • Another popular magnet. A Reverse Bids Magnet featuring one of the most common bids made.

  • Pinochle Cards added. Styles from Bicycle, Congress, and Aviator in regular and jumbo index.

  • 8 more kinds of our popular Bridge Tallys! 2, 3, 4, and 5 table tallys. Now a choice of paper tallies or easier to handle tallies on cardstock.

  • We've added a 5 Player Scorepad. Do you ever have 5 people who want to play and you don't want to leave someone out? Now you don't have to. Get our special scorepad and everyone can join in on the fun.

  • Answers to Bidding Questions. Limit Bids, Rebids by Opener, Overcalls, Notrumps, Opening Bids.

  • Buy the playing cards that never wear out. Get Plastic Bridge Cards that are extremely durable and can be wiped off with a damp cloth when they get sticky or dirty!

  • People just love our new Jumbo Bridge Scorepads so they can see the score from any seat.

  • Two-Level Overcalls worksheets added. Perfect to see if you and partner agree on what your Overcalls mean. When do you overcall a suit, double, cuebid, or overcall a Notrump.

  • Added an index to our Overcall Bidding Cards. Find out more about Overcalls at the 1, 2, 3 level.

  • Try your hand at a word puzzle with our Bridge Jumbles. Challenging and great fun!.

  • 4 kinds of our Bidding Magnets. Features some of the most commonly misused bids. A great daily reminder.

  • A handy listing of all of our pages and what they are. Find what you are looking for quickly on the Sitemap.

  • ACBL cards are now available in Jumbo Index Playing Cards too. 6 great colors cellophane wrapped or in individual boxes.

  • Great practice on common everday bidding situations with more of our popular Bid Quizzes added.

  • 3 New Bridge Scorepads added. Along with our regular scorepad that is packed with features, we now have other versions too. Check them out. A scorepad for all types of needs and price ranges.

  • Start your day with a laugh. Twelve new Humor Pages added. Some Bridge and non Bridge topics.

  • New Hoyle Playing Cards. A classic design that has withstood the test of time.

  • Try out the popup questions on our set of Suit Bid Flashcards. See just how many of these common bids you know and where your partnership needs some help.

  • Easy view format. On most pages you can "bump up" the font to make reading easier if you need to. See our Instructions.

  • Bid Help with Suit Bids, Overcalls, Preempts and more.

  • Our brand new and fun States Contest. Win free Flashcards and other Bridge products just by entering.

  • New Bridge Hands added for you to play, study, and learn from. Check back weekly for updated hands.

  • When you need a change from your regular Bridge game we also carry Canasta Cards. A nice change of pace.

  • Join our site as a Bridge Member and get 20 member only hands to play, more quizzes and bidding helpre plus a 10% discount on our Bridge products - for just $12 a year!

  • We added a page of common FAQ's to answer frequently asked questions you may have about our website.

  • New page with indepth Flashcard Descriptions. What's covered in the "Suit Bids", "Overcalls", "NoTrumps", "Beginner", "Choice 2 Suits", "Quick Review", "Delightful Mix" sets.

  • More Bridge Product Photos have been added so you can see what things look like before you buy.

  • Ask us questions about the Rules of Bridge instead of wondering what to do or taking a vote.

  • Self Focus. Now you can use the up and down arrows and the page keys to move around on almost all pages. Sometimes faster than the mouse.

  • Quick simple Bidding Tips. What bids are forcing, percentages, counting, signals, and lots more.

  • Get answers to common bidding and play questions on our Bid Doctor pages. Read questions from others and ask your own.

  • Relax and have some fun with our Bridge Riddles. Devils Bedposts, Deschapelles Coup, Forcing Club System.

  • Suit Symbols added instead of defining them with a font. Welcome webtv users.

  • See what other Countrys we have visitors from. Bridge is truly "The International Game".

  • No nonsense pricing. Our Instructional Scorepad isn't $2.99, it's $3.00. Doubledeck Cards with art designs are $10.00.

  • Bridge Bidding Worksheets to see how well you and partner really know each other's bids.

    * New Non Bridge Items

  • Our 'Great Stuff' Book is chock full of fun history, science, quotes, and trivia.

  • Great Stuff is also available as the Great Stuff Calendar. Bee's Knees, Kit and Caboodle, Joseph Pulitzer, Cesar Chavez, Louis Pasteur and lots more.

  • Introducing our line of Bigger Better Bookmarks. Large 5" x 7" size with information on Presidents, U.S. History, Inventions and more.

  • Take this fun History Quiz. Lots of fun.

  • 'Provocative'. A book of moral dilemmas and ethical questions. Guaranteed to open your eyes and mind.

  • Want to lose a few pounds? Try our Daily Diet Tip Calendar. Tips on fun activities, calorie and nutrition information, and fast food tips.

  • Our new History and Science Bookmarks will put a little bit of fun in your reading.

  • A chart of 120 foods with Calorie and Fat Content. See what you're eating and what to avoid.

  • World Maps Where is Syria, Belarus, Costa Rica? Perfect size for reading.

  • Ever wonder what's in all those dishes are in your refrigerator? Our Refrigerator Leftover Labels are the perfect solution. Makes a great gift too.

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