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Opening a Convenient Minor

  Why bid a convenient minor When to bid a convenient minor How to bid a convenient minor
  •   To get the bidding started
  •   Tell partner your strength
  •   Holding opening points
  •   Lacking a 5 card major suit
  •   Bid your best minor suit
  •   Prepare your rebid

Opening a Convenient Minor

To open a Bridge hand with 1 of a suit you should have 13 points or more.

You must also decide which suit to bid. If you have a 5+ card major suit (Spades or Hearts) then your choice is easy. You bid it and then wait for partner's response to see if they also have cards in your major suit.

K 7 4     A K 10 6 2     9 7     A 10 8    

This hand has an easy opening bid of 1H.

You will come across many hands however that have at least 13 points but no 5 card major. They are a bit trickier. With a hand whose shape is for one example: 4-4-2-3 you can open a 'convenient' or 'short' Club.

Q J 8 3     A Q 7 6     J 6     A 10 9    

Here you don't have a 5 card major suit but you do have 13+ points. The suggested bid is 1 Club. It likely won't be your trump suit, but you open it 'short' just to get the bidding started.

If partner responds with a bid of 1 Heart or 1 Spade (showing a 4 card suit) you have instantly found an 8 card trump fit. If instead, partner responds with 1 Notrump then that is the likely place to play the contract.

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Convenient Minors in Bidding a Bridge Hand - Opening a Convenient Minor