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     These bookmarks are great for the casual reader, or students. Standard 2" wide and printed on a smooth glossy stock. Feature a wide variety of subject matter. Great fun!

    U.S. Timeline   From Columbus, The Revolutionary and Civil Wars, right through the Great Depression and into today.

    Geography   Covers world capitals, planets, oceans, continents, and major rivers. Largest, population, distances.

    Times Tables   Great for those little ones just learning their numbers. Just the right size for small hands.

    U.S. Presidents   Quickly learn the order, terms served, and parties: Federalists, Whigs, Democrats, Republicans.

    Big and Far   Distances to the sun, moon, stars. A lightyear, acre, quart, liter. Pesos, Rupees, Euro.

    Mathematics   Circle formulas, percentages, Numbers squared and cubed. Temperatues Farenheit, Celsius, Kelvin.

    State Capitals   All 50 states plus the original 13 colonies. Quick simple exposure makes learning fun.

    Then and Now   $1 million in 1945 is like having how much today? $10,000 today was the same as how much in 1776?


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Educational Bookmarks

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Educational Bookmarks. Presidents, U.S. History, Math, Geography