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Non Bridge Products

     New products from MindRacer Publishing. In addition to our many Bridge products we now have some great non Bridge items too. All of them original and created in house.  

    Regular Bookmarks   Standard 2" size that cover U.S. History, Currency, Geography, The Colonies...   info
    Bigger Better Bookmarks   Not just a place holder, but packed full of information relevant to the book you're reading. Presidents, Famous Women, Civil Rights, Timelines...   more

    Leftover Magnets   Organize your refrigerator! Label everything you put inside so you can tell at a glance what's there.   info
    Nutrition Charts   A list of popular foods with their calorie, and fat contents listed. Main dishes, desserts, fast food...  more

    World Maps   Where is Kazakhstan, Syria, Costa Rica? Two sizes for your desk, or perfect for a book you're reading.   info
    'Provocative'   A book about moral dilemmas and ethical choices. Topics on war, famine, prostitution, animal testing, healthcare, gay marriage, fur, oil, flag burning... more

Great Products to Choose From for You or as Gifts!

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Non Bridge Products From MindRacer Publishing