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   This book will open your mind and expand your thinking as you are challenged to look at controversial things in a different way. There are 70 topics that include: flag burning, animal testing, minimum wage, torture, wearing fur, the death penalty, lobbyists, oil dependence, outsourcing, holy wars, and lots more.

   The writing is quick and lively and sure to engross the reader. A real page turner that will get you thinking and discussing topics of the day with those around you. Items that are ripped from today's headines.

"Thought Provoking" Ethical Questions and Dilemmas.

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'Great Stuff'

   A book chock full of fun bits. Each page has 3 new topics about historic people, places, science, trivia, word origins, famous quotes... Perfect for all ages.

   Features things like: The Whole Kit and Caboodle, Doughboy, The Bee's Knees, Missouri Compromise, War of 1812, The First 10 Amendments, Solstices, Equinox, Lasers, Battle of Wounded Knee, Martinizing, Timbuktu, and lots lots more.

   Also available as a Page A Day Calendar.

 Great Stuff

MindRacer Publishing J
Informative, Educational, Fun. "A great gift for anyone"

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Provocative - A book of History, Moral Dilemmas, Ethical Questions