Now you can have your cake and find it too. Our leftover magnets are just the thing your refrigerator has been craving.

  There are 32 tiles of common leftover foods. They are magnetic so cling to your refrigerator where they are always handy.

  As you place a dish into the refrigerator, select a tile and place it on top. Now whenever you open your refrigerator you can see at a glance just what everything is.

  The tiles are color coded into food groups for even faster recognition and laminated to keep them clean.


   If you received sample tiles in the mail, try them out by placing them on dishes in your refrigerator. Even if you don't have those particular foods right now you'll see just how well they work. Now imagine you have tiles for all of your leftover foods!

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Leftovers Chart   Quantity     30 Tiles ($9)
Bridge Recipe Cards   Quantity     $6    White   Pale Yellow   Dusty Blue
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