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The Jumpshift Bid

  Why use Jumpshifts When to use Jumpshifts How to Jumpshift
  •   To show strength
  •   To force partner
  •   With unbalanced hands
  •   With a goal in mind
  •   Bid 1 higher than necessary
  •   Say 'Skip Bid' if required

All about Jumpshift Bids

Jumpshifting is used to show that you have a very good hand for partner and also to make sure they don't pass.

- Jumpshifts by Responder

North South
1 3

Agreements can differ among individual partners, but generally jumpshifts by responder show about 18 points and either: support for opener's suit, or a self sufficient suit of your own. It is a forcing bid.

- Jumpshifts by Opener

North South

Jumpshifts by opener also show about 18 points but only with general hand strength. They force partner to bid again to continue to try and find a place to play the hand.

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Jumpshifting in Bridge Games. Making a Jumpshift Bid