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  Five Player Scorepad

    Do you ever have 5 people that want to play Bridge? Now there's
    a 5 player scorepad so you no longer have to tell that last player
    not to come. That one more player also adds even more fun and a
    little extra competition to the game. The 5 player rotation movement
    is also provided

   -  Bidding tips on the back of the pages.

   -  More space "above the line" Always
      room to write down the contract.

   -  Revokes explained in clear English.



MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

   5" x 8"   

"Great Fun"

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We have 5 types of scorepads, 16 kinds of tallys, 12 titles of bidding cards

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5 Types of Scorepads         All pads are 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
  Better Bridge   All of the features listed above: Bidding tips, Anti-curl paper, Large pad, Keep track of the dealer, Revoke penaltys, and Forms to write down hands.  
  Regular: Cardstock   Printed on heavy paper so won't curl up on the edges but without the features of our better scorepad.  
  Regular: Paper   Same as above but printed on a smooth paper instead of cardstock.  
  Coilbound   Same as our cardstock scorepad but the pad is coilbound at the top rather than glued. Very sturdy design. Great for those on the go.  
  Five Player   A scorepad with rotation movement for when you have 5 players.  
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