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Bidding Limit Raises
And Limit Bids

  Why use Limit Raises When to use Limit Raises How to bid Limit Raises
  •   More exact bidding
  •   Helps partner gauge strength
  •   With 10-12 points
  •   At least 3 card support
  •   Make a jump raise
  •   Plan further action

Limit Raises Bidding

Limit raises are used for partnerships to find a good trump fit. In the past, a jump raise of partner's suit such as:

North     South
  1S           3S

meant that South had 13+ points and 4 card trump support for partner. It was a game forcing bid.

The modern system of limit bids however has changed this bid. Now a jump raise is called a limit raise or limit bid. It tells partner you have 10-12 points and at least 3 card trump support for them.

It is a more exact system of bidding that gives the opening bidder a better idea of just what you have so they can decide what to do next: settle for game, investigate slam, bid slam.

The meaning of some other bids now change as well. Try a set of our Limit Bids Flashcards. A set of 50 cards with quick questions and answers on responses, rebids, and just what you need in point count and suit length for dozens of different bids.

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