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Raising Partner's Suit

  Why Raise Partner When to Raise Partner's Suit How to Make a Single Raise
  •   Establish the trump suit
  •   Helps partner gauge strength
  •   With 7-10 points
  •   At least 3 card support
  •   Bid 1 more of the suit
  •   Plan your future bids

Raising Partner's Suit Bid

The purpose of bidding in Bridge is to find a suitable trump suit for the hand. Ideally you have at least an 8 card trump suit between your hand and partner's, more length is even better.

You can raise partner's major suit opening bid when you have 3 cards of the suit and 7-10 points in your hand:

North     South
  1S           2S

Once the raise has been made, the partners have 'established' a known 8 card trump suit between the two hands and can then further explore their options for the rest of the bidding including: part score decisions, game tries, feature asks, deceptive bids, slam investigation...

Try a set of our Suit Bids Flashcards. 50 cards with quick questions and answers on just what you need in point count and suit length for first responses, minor suit raises, rebids by opener, and second bids by responder.

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Raising Partner's Suit Bid. Help on How to Make a Single Raise in Bridge.