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Table of Contents to Bidding Bridge Hands

  • Responses to Doubles
  • Doubling a NoTrump Bid
  • Length or Strength First?
  • Slam Valuation
  • Forcing Bids
  • The Gerber Convention

  • How to Stop Underbidding
  • Passing a Jumpshift?
  • Jacoby Transfers
  • Delayed Jumpshifts
  • Strength needed to Overcall
  • Respond any 4 card Major?

  • Convenient Minors
  • 1NT Responses
  • Blackwood Information
  • Change Suits Not Forcing?
  • Which Suit to Bid First
  • Denial Stayman

  • When not to use Blackwood
  • The opponent bid my Suit
  • Open any 5 card Major?
  • Minimum Needed to Respond
  • Responding to Partner's Preempt
  • The Unusual NoTrump

  • Opening Preempt Bids
  • Negative Doubles
  • Finesse or Drop a Queen?
  • Stayman Interference
  • Ladder Bids
  • Splinters Explained

  • After they open a Strong 2
  • Is a Raise or New Suit Stronger?
  • Free Bid Requirements
  • Weak Two Interference
  • Rebid my Suit or Raise Partner?
  • Always Transfer after 1NT?

  • Jump Bids after 1NT
  • Discourage after a Reverse
  • Can you Preempt Partner?
  • Is This a Reverse?
  • Stayman with 6 Card Major?
  • Overcall with 22 Points?

  • What is Ghestem?
  • Length for a Limit Raise
  • Preempt with a Side Suit?
  • The Jordon Convention?
  • 3NT after Partner's Preempt
  • Pass at 3 or Bid 4?

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