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Opening Bids

#1.   You can open with any 5 card major. You also need a rebid. Let's say you have:

A Q J 9 x     Q 10 x     Q x x     A x    

You open 1S and no matter what partner responds you can bid the Spades again.



#2.   To open a weak 5 card major you need to have a "prepared rebid" over anything partner will respond. You hold:

K 10 x x x     A Q x x     J x     A x    

Again you can open with 1S since you can rebid 2H over partner's response.



#3.   When your suits are not touching things get a bit harder and require more planning:

K 10 x x x     J     A x     A Q x x x    

Now you can't open 1S. If partner says 2H you can't rebid those pitiful Spades (partner might not have any). You also can't rebid Clubs at the 3 level with only 12 points.

So you should open 1C instead, and if partner responds 1H, you can then bid 1S (and still be at the 1 level!).



#4.   Again you have to look at both suits and think about what partner will bid:

A Q 10 x x     x x     x     A Q 10 x x    

Now it's ok to open 1S, this suit is good enough to rebid if partner responds 2H.



#5.   Take a hard look at how strong your suits are and plan what you will rebid:

A K 10 9 x     A x     x     A K 10 9 x    

With this hand you should also open 1C! Ready for lots more of these questions?


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More bids next week.


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Opening Bids in Bridge Games, Which Suit to Open