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Overcall Bidding
How to Bid Overcalls

  When to use Overcalls Why use Overcalls How to bid Overcalls
  •   After the opponents open
  •   To get into the action
  •   Let partner know your offense
  •   Give partner a defensive lead
  •   Bid a suit, notrump, double
  •   Think of future bidding

Overcall Bidding

Overcalls are used once the opponents have opened the bidding (made a call). You overcall to tell partner what your hand's shape looks like, how strong you are, or what to lead if the opponent's win the bidding.

North     East
  1D         1H

This is a simple overcall showing close to opening points and a good Heart Suit.

North     East
  1D         2C

Overcalling at the 2 level shows an even stronger suit since the opponents are more likely to double you for penalty at the 2 level.

North     East
  1D         2H

This is a weak jump overcall showing a 6+ card suit and less than opening points. Like preempting 3, but you only have a 6 card suit.

There are also overcalls in notrump, doubles, cuebids...

Try a set of our Overcalls Flashcards. 50 quick questions and answers on just what you need in point count and suit length for dozens of different bids, responses, and rebids by overcaller and their partner.

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