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How to Bid Jacoby Transfers

  Why use Transfers When to use Transfers How to bid Transfers
  •   Keep the strong hand hidden
  •   More partner communication
  •   After partner bids notrump
  •   With unbalanced hands
  •   Bid 1 suit below your real suit
  •   Think of your rebid

Jacoby Transfer Bids

These are used after partner opens Notrump. You bid 1 suit lower than your real suit, and then partner must bid the next suit (transfer to your real suit). This makes the stronger Notrump hand the declarer, and also gives you another chance to bid if you so desire.

To transfer to a minor suit you have to have a very good reason since 5C or 5D is two tricks more than 3NT. You can bid 2S to transfer to a minor suit.

The meaning of some other bids now change as well. See our set of bidding cards covering Notrump openings, responses, Stayman, and Jacoby Transfers. See them at Jacoby Transfer Bids

Why use Jacoby Transfers? One reason is so that the stronger Notrump hand becomes the declarer. Thus their hand is not put down as dummy for everyone to see and make leads through that can hurt your side. When the stronger hand is hidden, their honor cards are less vulnerable to attack so declarer is more likely to win tricks with them.

The Jacoby Transfers also gives the weaker hand more chances to bid. Without transfers the bidding might go:

North     South
  1N           2H         I have a weak hand

With the Jacoby Transfer you respond one suit lower than your real suit and opener has to complete the transfer by naming the next suit. It can go:

North     South
  1N           2D         Transfer

Now South can pass after the transfer, or has the option of bidding 2S, 2N, 3H etc to show some extra values. More communication is the key.

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How to Bid Jacoby Transfers in Bridge Games. Help with Jacoby Transfer Bids.