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  1. "Why do I get the same Bridge hand (or any page) that I saw last week".

    It is best to bookmark only our homepage since it has all of the current links to our other pages which change weekly. Go to our Homepage and see if the current week is listed at the bottom of the screen. If the date on our homepage is not correct, click on the "Refresh" or "Reload" button at the top of your browser. Contact us if you need more help or want to have "bookmarking a website", or "changing a bookmark" explained more thoroughly.

  2. "The text is too small, too large, or too hard to read".

    Change the font size by changing an option in your browser. See our Welcome Page for instructions. You can also set the default font on your browser to: Times New Roman. This is a very nice and easy to read font for almost all pages on the internet. If neither of these work your monitor's resolution could be set wrong. This is easy to fix though. Send us an Email

  3. "Why does partner always Pass when I don't want them to?"

    This happens a lot doesn't it. See our Bid Dr page. You might also be interested in our Bidding Flashcards. They cover Opening Bids, Responses, Rebids by Opener, plus Overcalls, and Notrump Sequences including Stayman and Jacboy Transfers. See more info at our Flashcard Page

  4. "Why does nothing happen when I click the submit button on a form?"

    It takes 1 or 2 seconds for a form to be submitted. Please don't hit the submit button again. If nothing happens, email us. We obviously check this very carefully so you should never have a problem. But let us know if you do.

  5. "Why is there only one bridge hand at a time?"

    Sometimes there are two. There is a lot of work on these hands compared to ones in the newspaper where you get just 4" x 4" of space. Most of our hands are 6 pages long and take you step by step through bidding and playing. For every page you see onscreen, 5 pages are written in html to produce it. For a typical hand it therefore takes 30 pages to produce, a lot of work. For more hands see our Member Pages.

  6. "How do I pay for my purchases".

    You can pay online with a credit card or for small orders an invoice may just be sent along with your shipment and you can pay by check when it arrives.

  7. "Every time I go to the homepage it reloads all over again".

    The first time you visit our site the homepage will load all of the new links for the current week. If you take the quiz or play a hand and then come back to the homepage it should not have to reload as it will be stored in your computer's memory. If the homepage reloads each time you probably need to edit your browser's settings to update pages "only once per session/visit" instead of "every visit to a page". Look under "preferences" or "internet option" in the file menu. Email Us for more help.

  8. Got a question. Just email us. Thanks.

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