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Three Tables, Four Tables Bridge Tallies

  Three Tables Bridge Tallies, Four Tables, Five Tables

   -  Available in 2, 6 and 7 table rotations also.

   -  The players rotate to all tables during play and never play more
      than twice in a row at the same table (except 2 tables).

   -  A larger font and better spacing means these
      tallies are much easier for players to read.

   -  Our specially mixed rotations ensure that you
      get different opponents much more often.

   -  The Bridge tallies are printed on a smooth cardstock
      that's heavier and easier to write on than paper.


Three Table
Bridge Tallies

MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ
Each tallie has bidding tips on the back of it "Try our Better Bridge Scorepad"

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   In packs of 32.
   In packs of 48.
   In packs of 32.
   In packs of 40.
   In packs of 48.
   In packs of 56.

Tallies are 2 sided with bridge tips on the back.         Buy Tallies Here

We also have Three Table Bridge Tallies with Pictures

marble three table bridge tallies        magnolia three table bridge tallies

Progressive table rotation tallies for the card game of Bridge.
Bridge Tallies for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 tables.

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Three Table Bridge Tallies, Four Table Tallies