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The "Delightful Mix" cards are just what my husband needed. Our arguing is way down.   D.S.  Lake View, IL

Why didn't someone make this scorepad before. Great tips and we never lose track of the dealer.   G.G.  Phoeniz, AZ

Your Flashcards are great. Just what I needed to brush up. I go through them once a week and it really helps.   A.C.  Charleston, SC

Good practice, also reinforces my confidence when playing.   Jane C.  Rome, GA

MindRacer Publishing is topnotch! I have ordered from them several times and they have been very helpful in servicing my needs for information and supplies.   Clarice M.  Dallas, TX

Finally! Thank you for carrying such a nice selection of Tally cards for 3 tables. I am always scrambling at the last moment to find some or I end up making my own...very gauche! And best of all, PayPal! Absolutely perfect.   Cheryl P.  IN

I take my Flashcards with me whenever I go out for a walk.   Liz R.  Dallas, TX

All my friends want my album. I'm keeping my eye on it.   D.L.  Bradenton, FL

I just joined and I liked being able to see samples before I signed up.   C.R.  Canada

I actually head up a pinochle group. We use the tallys for partners. It is great to have the rotation mixed! We've used the tallys fore Euchre also. Thanks for the great and super fast service.   J.H.  MI

I need to order another set of flashcards. My friend borrowed them and they won't give them back.   B.H.  Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the fast shipment!! My mother received the order today and she is very pleased with the items. She is 86 years old and just started playing bridge last year. She started a bridge club in the retirement apartments where she lives. Thanks again.   Pat S.  AK

Great site. I will use some of your tips in my classes and at my games. I will also order some items and refer others to your site.   S.W.  GA

Thank you! I stumbled upon your website a few years ago and you have saved several friendships!!   Nancy B. 

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