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2022 Page A Day Bridge Term Calendar

    Our page-a-day Bridge calendar is just the ticket for learning more about the wonderful game of Bridge. Each day you are exposed to a new Bridge term that will teach you about bidding conventions, play of the hand tips and tricks, plus just lots of fun new things for you to learn about and try.

   The calendar appears neatly on your desktop or digital device and features such things as: Deschapelles Coup, Gambling 3NT, Inverted Minors, Splinters, Trump Promotion, Uppercuts and lots more! A great mix of Bridge hands, term definitions, and bidding sequences. 365 pages. Just $12.


2022 Bridge

MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ
The perfect daily desktop companion. "A whole year of Bridge"

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MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Bridge Bidding Flashcards

    Designed for the Everyday Player who wants to straighten out a few things. End bidding misunderstandings and improve your game in minutes a day with this proven teaching method. ACBL approved.
    Packs of 52 cards instruct you with common everyday bids you need to know. Glued on the side so there's no fumbling with loose cards and bound with sturdy 4 color covers. Handy index to look up bids in seconds.
"Suit Bids"      "Delightful Mix"
"NoTrumps"   "Openings"
"Overcalls"     "Beginners"
- At the dentist, doctor, hair salon etc.
- Restaurants, or waiting to pick up the kids.
- Car, plane, train trips. 1 or 2 people.

Place them on your night table or beside a favorite chair.

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  Bridge Card Game Products, Supplies, Tallys, Better Scorepads

  Better Bridge Scorepad

   -  Large pad size, see the score at any seat,
      plus bidding tips on the backs of the pages.

   -  More space "above the line". so there's
      always room to write down the contract.

   -  Handy forms to quickly write down those
      great hands for review or sharing.

   -  A scoring chart for contracts, overtricks, undertricks.

   -  Revokes explained in plain English.

   -  A place to keep track of the dealer.
      An end to "Whose deal is it"?

   -  Thicker paper so the edges won't curl up!



MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

   5 1/2" x 8 1/2"    "Suit Bids"

Great tips for when you're the dummy! View Types           Ordering


5 Types of Scorepads         All pads are 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
  The Better Bridge Scorepad   All of the features listed above: Bidding tips, Anti-curl paper, Large pad, Keep track of the dealer, Revoke penaltys, and Forms to write down hands.  
  Regular Scorepad: Cardstock   Printed on heavy paper so won't curl up on the edges but without the features of our better scorepad.  
  Regular Scorepad: Paper   Same as above but printed on a smooth paper instead of cardstock.  
  Regular Scorepad: Coilbound   Same as our cardstock scorepad but the pad is coilbound at the top rather than glued. Very sturdy design. Great for those on the go.  
  Five Player Scorepad   Do you ever have 5 people that want to play Bridge? Now there's a 5 player scorepad so you no longer have to tell that last player not to come. That one more player also adds even more fun and a little extra competition to the game. The 5 player rotation movement is provided too.  



Combbound Flashcards

    Same great cards as our standard flashcards but a slightly larger 4" x 6" size and attached on the top with a plastic binding like on cookbooks. Extra stiff laminated covers make them durable and great for travelling and quizzing. Quick index in the back. Flashing 5 minutes a day will improve your game immensely and clear up questions that partnerships have over and over. For Goren Bidders.


MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Perfect for travelling or long signals. "A Delightful Mix"

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MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Bridge Notepads

   Great for writing down notes and getting a Bridge tip at the same time. The 4" x 7" size is perfect for your desktop and has extra stiff cardboard that allows you to pick up the pad and actually be able to write on it.
"Suit Bids" Success  

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Bridge Memopads

    Leave it by the phone to jot down all those important numbers and directions. Then there's a short bidding lesson on the back of each page. Quick daily exposure like this is the best way to learn. Printed on sturdy 3" x 5" card stock so you can take those messages with you. Put one by each phone.

The Bridge

MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Memopads make good prizes. "NoTrumps & Stayman"

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MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Bridge Albums

    Flashcards that have been inserted into the pockets of a 4" x 6" photo album. Highly durable design will last for years. Beautiful covers look great on your coffee or endtable so you can leave them out all the time. A natural for Bridge gifts or a first place prize. Specify Mens or Womens artistic cover.

  Artistic cover   
Leather cover

"A Delightful Mix" These are pretty enough to leave out.

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Mini Albums

    Bridge flashcards that have been inserted into the pockets of a 4" x 6" photo album. Same idea as our regular albums but fewer pages per book for those on the go. Truly beautiful artwork on slick laminated covers, perfect for throwing in a purse or briefcase. Great for quick reviews when you have just a moment. Specify Part 1, 2, or 3. Also Mens or Womens cover.


MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Very pretty covers. "A Delightful Mix"

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The Bridge

MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Refrigerator Magnets

   A must have for everyone! Features several bids on a nicely laminated magnet. This first in a series features the "Raise and a Half." These are some of the most common bids you make every time you play. Do you know the difference in these bids?

N   S   N   S
1   2 or 1   2
2   2   2   3
"Raise and a Half" Learn this valuable information easily.

See it a few times, remember it forever.          Ordering

* 7 magnets for you to to choose from *
Small Goren Bids,   Large Goren Bids
Small Limit Bids,   Large Limit Bids

Our Newest Magnets:
Reverse Bids,   Finesse Percentages,   Weak Two Bids!

  Bridge Card Game Products, Supplies, Tallys, Better Scorepads

  Easy Read Bridge Tallys

   -  Larger font and better spacing means these
      tallys are much easier for players to read.

   -  Players rotate to all tables during play and never play more
      than twice in a row at the same table (except 2 tables).

   -  The tallys are printed on smooth, heavy
      and easy to write on cardstock.

   -  Specially mixed rotations ensure that you
      get different opponents much more often.

   -  Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 table rotations.


Easy Read
Bridge Tallys

MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Quick bidding tips on the back of each tally "Flashcards - great prizes"

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Recipe Cards

MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Recipe Cards

    Packs of recipe cards that are great for snacks, desserts, salads, and entrees. These recipes have all been taste tested at Bridge games so we're sure you and your guests will enjoy them. The recipes are printed on extra heavy cardstock that stand up to busy kitchens and feature a Bridge tip on each card.
"Bridge Tips Too" Recipes of all kinds

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Opening Lead Charts

    The opening lead is one of the most important plays you will make on defense. Get things off to a good start for your team by knowing exactly what card to lead against a suit or notrump contract.


Opening Lead

MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

"Suit Bids, Notrumps" Durable Design.

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Rule Books

MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Rule Books

    The latest rules for both duplicate and rubber Bridge. It's hard to remember all the rules since there are so many situations that can possibly come up. Now you'll be able to look up any question on the rules when it happens instead of just wondering or taking a vote of what to do.
"Settle Arguments" Handy Table of Contents

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