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MindRacer Publishing     7NTJ
Refrigerator Magnets

   A must have for everyone! Features several bids on a nicely laminated magnet. This first in a series features the "Raise and a Half." These are some of the most common bids you make every time you play.

Do you know the difference in these bids?

N   S   N   S
1   2 or 1   2
2   2   2   3
"Raise and a Half" You'll learn this valuable information easily.

See it a few times, remember it forever.     Order Me

7 kinds of magnets with:  Goren and Limit Bids,  Reverses, and
Our Newest Magnets Feature Finesse Percentages, Weak Two Bids.

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    MindRacer Publishing produces a selection of fine Bridge products with an emphasis on instruction. Our products are designed for everyday players to straighten out a few things.  

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Common Bridge Bids on a Magnet. Raises, Jump Raises, Limit Raises