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Forcing by Responder  
Q I thought a change of suit by responder is forcing? I changed suits to 2C and partner Passed me.
W       N       E       S
1D     1S       P     2C
P       P!
A A change of suit by responder is forcing in most situations. Otherwise you would always have to jumpshift to make sure partner bids again. The problem in this sequence is that you are not a responder. When partner bids 1S they are overcalling, so you are partner of an overcaller and not a responder. So a simple change of suit is not forcing.



Which Suit First  
Q When partner opens 1C which suit do I respond first in, my 5 card Diamond or 4 card Heart?
A You should bid your 5 card Diamond suit first. Partner may be asking for a major (maybe not), but after you bid diamonds it's their turn to bid again. If they have a 4 card major they can bid it and you'll know there's an 8 card fit! See our Suit Bids cards for more information.



Denial After Stayman  
Q Partner opened 1NT, I bid 2C Stayman, and they said 3C. What gives?
A 2D is the normal response to Stayman when you don't have a 4 card major. 3C is denying a 4 card major and showing a good Club suit. Unfortunately it gets the bidding higher faster and now you don't have as much room to maneuver. It's very descriptive and not a bad bid, it just gives up something, wiggle room for you the 2C bidder. So partners should agree on whether to play this or stick with the 2D denial.



Table of Contents to More Bridge Bidding Situations

  • Responses to Doubles
  • Doubling NoTrump
  • Length or Strength First
  • Slam Valuation
  • Forcing Bids
  • The Gerber Convention
  • How to Stop Underbidding
  • Passing a Jumpshift?
  • Jacoby Transfers
  • Delayed Jumpshifts
  • Strength needed to Overcall
  • Respond any 4 card Major
  • Convenient Minors
  • 1NT Responses
  • Blackwood Information
  • Change Suits Not Forcing
  • Which Suit to Bid First
  • Stayman Denial
  • When not to use Blackwood
  • Opponent bid my Suit
  • Open any 5 card Major?
  • Minimum to Respond
  • Responding to Partner's Preempt
  • The Unusual NoTrump
  • Opening Preempt Bids
  • Negative Doubles
  • Finesse or Drop a Queen
  • Stayman Interference
  • Ladder Bids
  • Splinters Explained

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