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Notrump Opening Leads Quiz

Which card to lead in bridge games

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Against 3NT what do you lead?

A K J x  Answer
K Q 10 x x  Answer
10 9 x x  Answer
A K J x x  Answer


A K J x

Lead the King with 3 of the top honors.



K Q 10 x x

Lead the King with 3 honors and 5 cards.
It's also top of a split sequence.



10 9 x x

4th down from nothing.



A K J x x

An exception with 3 top honors since you have length.
Lead the 4th down, if you force out the Queen you can run the suit.

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Against 3NT what do you lead?

K J 9 8 x  Answer
Q J 9 x x  Answer
K Q x x x  Answer
K J 10 x x  Answer


K J 9 8 x

Lead 4th best.



Q J 9 x x

Queen, top of a skip sequence.



K Q x x x

4th down.



K J 10 x x

Tricky, 3 honors but lead the Jack and hope
partner has an honor so your suit will set up.

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Notrump Opening Leads Quiz for Contract Bridge