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This Week's Questions


Count Distribution to Open?  
Q    Does one count singleton, doubleton, voids on opening hand?
A    You certainly can. But after the bidding goes around once then you should take stock of what each player has bid and adjust your point count accordingly for your next bid. See our Opening Bids Flashcards for 52 quick questions and answers just like this one.



Q    How can you play reverses when you play convenient minors?
A    This is a good question. Let's say you start off with 1C. That shows a 3 card suit. Partner bids 1S, and you bid 2H. This is a reverse. Since reverses show a longer first bid suit, you have 4 Hearts and 5 Clubs. It's similar to opening 1S with a 6 card suit. Opening 1S says you have 5, not 6. But your second bid shows the true nature of your hand. Reverses are lots of fun to play and as you can see they give a lot of information at once. See our reverses page for more examples.



1NT Response  
Q    Opener bids 1NT. I hold an unbalanced hand with 5 spades and 11 points. What is my response bid?
A    Playing regular "Goren" Bridge, you should jump to 3S to show 5 Spades and game values (16+11=27 pts). If you play transfers, you bid 2H. Our NoTrump Flashcards have 40 questions and answers on NoTrump bidding. Satisfaction guaranteed and ACBL approved.



Q    What are the rules for bidding the Blackwood Convention?
A    Blackwood is used to get to slam and ensure that the opponents do not have 2 aces that will set you. When partner bids 4NT asking you for aces, you respond 5C with 0 or 4 aces, 5D with 1 ace, 5H with 2 aces and 5S with 3 aces. Partner can now ask for kings by bidding 5NT. Many people play that you can't ask for kings unless it was determined with the 4NT ace asking that together you have all the aces. Some people don't play this though so ask your partner and agree on it!


A Quick Review Bidding Cards
For Everyday Players Includes bids of Suit Bids, Overcalls, NoTrumps, Preempts, and 2 Bids all in one pack. A good introduction to our other titles to show you exactly where you need more help. For Goren Bidders.

  • After a takeout double by partner, when do you jumpshift?
  • When partner opens 1(short), what do you need to jump raise to 3?
  • What does it take to raise partner's preempt? When should you bid 3NT instead?
40 cards of quick simple bidding sequences you need to know.

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