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     MindRacer Publishing is dedicated to improving Bridge for players of all abilities. Our website has over 400 pages of information, fun things, products, and lessons. Our main goal is to clear up misunderstandings that partnerships who've been playing together for years seem to have:
                    -  "What point count do I need to make this bid?"
                    -  "Is my bid forcing on partner? Once, or all the way to game?"
                    -  "Does partner's bid mean they have 3 or 4 of my suit?"

     Our 12 titles of Bridge Bidding Cards answer your questions on "Suit Bids," "Overcalls," "NoTrumps," & "Opening Bids." Versions for the everyday player or the more serious one.
     There are also Bidding Lesson Memopads, Notepads, and Magnets, plus 5 types of Scorepads, 16 kinds of Tallys, and Playing Cards. Something for everyone.
* Our Products Make Great Gifts and Prizes Too! *
We have Bridge Tallys, Hands, Quizzes, Tips, Recipes, Gifts, Rules, Terms, Worksheets, Puzzles, Cards...



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