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Forcing and Support Bids

    Last Week's Results

    1) Does North have 3 or 4 Spades?

    North     South
1         1
This was split pretty evenly between 3 and 4. Make sure you and partner have the same thing in mind!    
    2) Is this Forcing or just showing support?

    North     South
1         2        
This is both showing support and forcing too. 85% agreed with this. Others said they didn't play 2C as a game force so it wasn't forcing.    
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  This Week's Bridge Bidding Questions  
    1) Does South have to bid again?
    North     South
1         1
South must bid     South can Pass        
    2) Is this Forcing?
    North     South
1         1        
Forcing     Not Forcing        
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Forcing Bids in Bridge