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1NT Response to a Major Suit

    Last Week's Results

    1) What is the most Diamonds you'll skip over to show 4 Hearts?

    North     South
1         1
50% would skip over 4 Diamonds, and 30% would skip over 5. We usually will only skip over 3 Diamonds or less.    

    2) Is this strong or weak?

    North     South
1         1NT        
Most saw this as weak. It is usually considered stronger than bidding 1NT over 1D, 1H, or 1S since you skipped over 3 other possible bids.    
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  This Week's Questions

1) How many Hearts do you promise?

North     East     South
1         Dbl       2         4     5     6     Other

2) Is this forcing?

North     South
1         3         Forcing     Not Forcing    

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A 1 Notrump Response to Opener's Major Suit Bid