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    Last Week's Results

    1) How many Clubs does South have?

    North     South
1         3        
Answers were fairly well split between 4 and 5, with a few 3's thrown in! 5 is standard since 1C could be 'short'.    
    2) How many Hearts does South have?

    North     South
1         3        
People playing Goren bids said 4, while Limit bidders said either 3 or 4. Agree with partner on this!    
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  This Week's Bridge Bidding Questions  
    1) Do you play this as a jumpshift or a preempt?

    North     South
1         3
Jumpshift     Preempt     Other    
    2) Do you consider this weak or strong?

    North     South
1         4
Strong     Weak     Other    
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