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                                                    North                                   3NT is your contract and 
                                                     7 3                                     they lead the 2C. How do   
                                                     A K 7                                 you tackle the Diamonds?
                                                     10 9 6 5 4 3                      
                                                     6 5                                   

South A K 8 5 3 2 A Q 2 A K 4 3

Play the Ace   Finesse the Queen


More next time.
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  At 3NT they start off leading the 2C. How do you plan to attack the Diamond suit?


  Correct. Play out the Ace and Queen. Then you have
2 heart entries to set up and enjoy the Diamonds.



  Don't do this. If you use a Heart entry to take a finesse they might
return Hearts and use your last entry before the Diamonds are set up.


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