Contract Bridge Hand » 6 Clubs Slam 


                                                    North                                  At 6 Clubs, East wins 
                                                     6                                      the Ace of Spades and    
                                                     A K 10 8                           and returns one. How do 
                                                     A J 10                              you plan your attack?    
                                                     K 9 7 5 2                              

South K 5 3 2 J 9 6 Q 2 A Q J 10

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  Ruff Spades, Draw Trump   Draw Trump, Ruff Spades


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  6 Clubs is your contract. East wins the first trick with the Ace of Spades and returns a Spade. How do you plan the attack?


  Nope, a finesse is a 50% chance. You're putting all
your eggs in one basket without trying something else first.



  Correct. Actually you want to ruff their Spade return!
You have to set up a red suit so you don't know which one to discard from yet.
Ruff East's Spade return, play a couple trump, play high Hearts
and when the Queen drops you can get rid of a Diamond.
If the QH doesn't drop try the Diamond finesse.



  You can do this but you still have to decide
which red suit to finesse later on so this isn't the solution.



  Not really. Don't draw too much trump or you can't ruff the Spades.
Plus you still need to get rid of a red card so what are you going to do about that.


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