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                                                    North                                   At 6NT how do you 
                                                     Q 9                                   play the Clubs after
                                                     A J 10 6                            a Spade lead?
                                                     K Q 10
                                                     K 10 3 2

South K 4 3 K Q 7 A 9 2 A Q 9 5

Ace then finesse West   Ace then finesse East   Ace, King, Queen


More next time.
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  At 6NT West leads a Spade. East wins your Queen and returns a Spade. How do you play Clubs?


  How do you know West has the Jack? East could have it.



  Correct. Actually you play the AC, then all the other suits and find
out West has 5 Diamonds, 3 Hearts, 2 Spades and 1 Club.
They have 3 Clubs at most. When you now play the KC,
West shows out so you know to finesse East.



  Nope, what are you going to do if Clubs
are split 4-1, then you have no hope.


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