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                                                     A 9 4 3                                 At 3NT they play on                     
                                                     K 8 6 5                              Clubs and you win the             
                                                     K 10 9                               third round with the Ace.               
                                                     7 3                                    How do you play the Diamonds?
South K 7 2 A 9 A J 8 4 3 A 6 4

AD then
Finesse West
  KD then
Finesse East
West Now
East Now


More next time.
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  You reach 3NT and West starts out with the 5 of Clubs to East's Queen. East returns the 10, West overtakes and leads a 3rd round, East follows and you win with the Ace. How do you plan to attack the Diamonds?


  West has to be kept off lead with their 2 good Clubs.
If you lead the AD and then finesse to the board,
you can't stop West if they have Q x x x.



  Nope, West could have the or Qx, Qxx etc .
They win and cash their good Clubs.



  Correct. West is the danger hand so you must immediately
take two finesses through them to guard against them having
Q x x x. You finesse the 9 and 10 then play the K and A.



  Nope, West could have the Queen alone or with little ones.
They win and cash their good Clubs.


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