Bridge Hand » 4 Spades Contract 


                                                 6 4
                                                 8 6 4
                                                 K Q 3
                                                 A K J 10 3

- Spades are trump -

South A K J 10 9 3 10 A 6 4 9 6 4

How will you
play the Spades?
  What about
the Club suit?


More next time.
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  Even though both suits have 8 cards, they should be played slightly
differently. With the Spade suit you want to finesse twice
right away in case East has Q x x x.



  For Clubs however, you want to cash a high one first
to try and drop their Queen. Since you will still have 2
little Clubs left in South you can then try finesses
in case West holds the Q x x x.


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