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Bridge Bidding Flashcards

    Designed for the everyday player who wants to straighten out a few things. End all those bidding misunderstandings and improve your game in just minutes a day with this proven teaching method.

   Packs of 52 cards instruct you with common everyday bids that you need to know. The packs are glued on the side so there's no fumbling with loose cards, and bound with sturdy 4 color covers. Includes an index to look up troublesome bids in just seconds.
"Suit Bids"       "Delightful Mix"
"NoTrumps"    "Openings"
"Overcalls"       "Beginners"
- At the dentist, doctor, hair salon etc.
- Restaurants, or waiting to pick up the kids.
- Car, plane, train trips. 1 or 2 people.

Place them on your night table or beside a favorite chair.                 See More Information

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    MindRacer Publishing produces a selection of fine Bridge products with an emphasis on instruction. Our products are designed for everyday players to straighten out a few things.  


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