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Bridge Bidding to Know

  When partner Preempts, what bids by you are considered  Forcing ?
  The sequence    1  2   shows that you have    ?    Diamonds.
  Doubling and then bidding again shows you have at least    ?    points.
  What's the difference in bidding   1NT   3   &     1NT   4 ?
  Responding to partner's opening 2 Bid in a suit takes    ?    points.

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Q Partner opened 1H, I said 1S, they rebid 1NT and I jumpshifted to 3C to show my 18 points. They rebid 3H and I bid 3NT and they Passed! We made 6 easily. Partner said my 3C jump wasn't so strong.
A Partner is correct. After opener rebids 1NT they are limiting their hand strength. A simple 2C bid by you could be Passed so 3C is forcing but not a Jumpshift in the normal sense. It merely tells partner not to Pass just yet. You could have bid 5NT or asked for Aces instead of bidding 3NT. Now the slam interest would have been telegraphed to opener.



Overcall Strength  
Q How many cards in a suit/how many points are required to overcall following an opening bid?
A Points are not as important as suit quality when overcalling. You should have a good 6 card suit or a great 5 card suit, plus an outside honor or two. Slightly more if vulnerable, or the opponents like to Double. Try our Overcall Flashcards. 40 questions and answers that cover overcalling in a suit at the 1,2,3, level, overcalling 1NT, 2NT, 3NT, overcalling by Doubling and what to do when the opponents bid your suit.



Bid any 4 card Major?  
Q Partner opened a Club and I bid 1H, my 4 card major with 7 6 4 2. We ended up in 4 Hearts, they tabled 4 Hearts to the Jack, down we went.
A You were kind of unlucky with this fit but it doesn't always happen. If they had held the A K Q 10 instead of 4 to the Jack you wouldn't be writing now would you. Your 4 cards to the 7 is not much of a suit. Would you consider this as good as holding a 3 card suit but they are the A K Q? The solution is to temporize the bidding by treating your measly 4 card suit as a 3 carder and bidding 1D. Now partner can bid 1H if they have 4. You can give a weak raise and let them decide what's next. In any event you don't have to play the hand since partner is the Declarer!


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Bridge Bidding to Know