What to Overcall Bridge Puzzle


     Match each bid with the correct requirement. Click on each line of green text, hold down mouse button, drag it into the chart, let go of button. There is one extra answer to really test you.
Dealer Opens 1 Spade
Your Hand What do you Overcall?
  K 3   K Q 10 9 7   J 6 2    A 8 2 spacer
  K 3   A K Q 10 7   J 6 2    A 8 2 spacer
  K 10 3   A K 10 3   Q 10 6 2    A 2 spacer
  K   A Q 10 3   A 10 9 6    A 7 5 4 spacer

spacer Not Working?                   Answer                   Hint 1                   Hint 2


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Another puzzle next week


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The third answer is 1 Notrump



3 Hearts is the extra answer



Two Hearts
1 Notrump


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