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  MindRacer Publishing is an online internet resource for duplicate bridge. There are bridge hands to play, bidding quizzes to take, bridge riddles to solve, snack recipes, playing cards, 16 kinds of tallys, 5 kinds of scorepads, and much more.

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Cello Wrapped or Boxed
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Bridge, Poker, Pinochle, Euchre
bridge cards
bridge cards
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Tallly available too
(2/3 table, 12 pack)
  Tally available too
(2/3 table, 12 pack)

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ACBL approved

10 titles with 52 pages of Bidding Questions and Answers

Guaranteed to improve your bidding and your scores!

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Rule Books

MindRacer Publishing    7NTJ

Rule Books

    The latest rules for both duplicate and rubber Bridge. It's hard to remember all the rules since there are so many situations that can possibly come up. Now you'll be able to look up any question on the rules when it happens instead of just wondering or taking a vote of what to do.
"Settle Arguments" Handy Table of Contents

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