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This Week's Questions


Minimum to Respond?  
Q    How many points do I need to respond to partner's 1C?
A    You should strive to keep the bidding open and show a major suit if you have 6 points and a 4 card suit, 5 points and a 5 card suit, or 4 points and a 6 card suit.



Q    How many points do I need to respond to partner's Preempt?
A    It has never really been a question of points. When partner preempts they are expecting to go down a couple of tricks. So for you to bid you have to make up those tricks. Tricks not points are needed. Our "Delightful Mix" Flashcards cover Preempts, how to respond, what bids are forcing etc. Check them out.



Unusual NoTrump  
Q    What is the Unusual NoTrump?
A    This is a convention where if the opponents open say 1S, you overcall 2NT to show 2 suits at once. The 2 suits change depending on which suit the opponent's open with. Make sure you and partner agree on this first!


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