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No Blackwood  
Q    When shouldn't I use Blackwood to get to slam?  Lonnie,  CA
A    Good question. Blackwood often won't help you when you have x x in a suit. Say you have 2 Aces and partner answers one Ace, if their Ace isn't in your bad suit you will lose two tricks! In these cases it's better to start cue bidding sequences or maneuver the bidding so that partner asks you for Aces.



They Bid My Suit  
Q    Dealer opened 1S and I as the next bidder had 8 Spades! What should I do?
A    Do you mean laugh or cry? It depends how good your Spades are. If your top card is the 9 you don't really have anything: you would win 3 tricks on offense, but opener's partner won't leave them there so you won't get to defend. But if you have a good hand a logical bid is 4S. Of course you have to realize that you'll never be able to finesse opener in Spades, so count your tricks before you just bid it.



Open any Major?  
Q    Can I open any 5 card major?
A    Any 5 card major is considered biddable. But to open a weak 5 card major you need to have a "prepared rebid" to no matter what partner bids. Let's say you have:   K 10 x x x   A Q x x x   Q x   x.  You open 1S and no matter what partner says, you can bid Hearts next time. If instead you have:   K 10 x x x   x   Q x   A Q x x x  you should open 1C and your rebid can be 1S. If you were to open 1S with this hand, what would you say after partner says 2H? Bidding 3C now would show a much stronger hand, you only have a bare minimum opening.


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  • When should you open 1NT with a 5 card major?
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