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This Week's Questions


Aw, do I have to?  
Q    Partner opens 1S, the opponents overcall 2C, then after two Passes partner Doubles. I only have 3 points, so I Pass right?
A    Partner is Doubling for Takeout to one of the unbid suits. They want you to pick your best one no matter how many points you have. You can Pass only if you're sure you can set 2C. This means you have long and strong Clubs.



Doubling 1NT  
Q    When the opponents bid 1NT what does a Double mean?   B.B. USA
A    If you're an expert partnership it is usually for Penalty. For everyday players it is better to play it as a Takeout Double asking partner for their best suit. Expert partnerships practice and play together constantly and have a better idea of what type of hand will set 1NT. They also have highly advanced signalling methods on defense.



Length or Strength  
Q    Which do I bid first, length or strength?
A    It depends. No really. With a weak hand you probably won't bid more than once, so bid a major if you have it. With a medium to strong hand bid your length first. When you bid a second time and show your other suit, partner will know your first suit was longer.


Overcalls Bidding Cards
For Everyday Players For the regular Bridge player who wants to know more about what you need to start bidding after the opponents have already opened. 40 questions and answers that cover overcalling in a suit at the 1,2,3, level, overcalling 1NT, 2NT, 3NT, overcalling by Doubling and what to do when the opponents bid your suit.

  • Why is 8 the magic number when you plan to overcall at the 2 level?
  • How does overcalling 1  3 differ from 1  3?
  • When does the rule of 2 and 3 come into effect and why is it important?
40 cards of quick simple bidding sequences you need to know.

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