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  K x x x
x x x x
K x x x
  A x
K x
K Q J 9 x x x
x x
   West opened 1S, East responded 2D, and I took the bull by the horns and bid 3NT. I probably had 8 tricks in my hand and counted on partner for a few points. I was pretty sure the opponents would lead one of their suits and that would only help me. West however led a Heart. I won and started on the Diamonds.

   Just force out East's Ace and my Diamonds will set up I thought. I led low to the board's KS and then a low Diamond back. East played low and I confidently inserted the 9D. East had bid Diamonds so I needed to save the K Q J to make sure East wouldn't win the Ace and the 10. West looked as surprised as me when they won with their singleton 10! They now rattled off several Heart and Club tricks and we were way down. I looked at East and said, well that was quite a Diamond suit you bid there, what was it, A 8 x x?? I was just mentioning that suit they replied.
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