Bridge Stories

I Cannot Tell a Lie

   I had played Bridge for a very long time but it was mostly the kind with family or friends. We finally decided to play some duplicate at a local center so off we went. Of course when we got there they placed us in the novice group, as they should. Even if you've played Bridge for years, duplicate can be a bit challenging the first time. We were pretty good though since we played all the time and on occassion even did some reading and tried out some far flung conventions.

   After a couple of rounds at different tables we found ourselves playing against the Club director. The first few hands were a bit nerve racking and we did some stupid things, but we finally got settled in and got our wits back. The next hand I was on defense against the director's 4 Spade contract. I led, they took a couple tricks, they finessed partner, then worked hard to get back to the board to finesse partner again. Partner again played low and Director confidently inserted their Jack of trumps. I gladly won with my Queen having falsecarded earlier. The hand was a shambles now and we set them two. We had fun but I got a baaad look for that one.


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