Bridge Stories

Pushing your Luck

   It was a very friendly game. Dealer opened 4S and my partner thought a while, and then another while, and finally bid 5D. They quickly doubled us and play began. Naturally a Spade was led and Declarer ruffed. I breathed a bit easier after this good start. Partner finessed a trump past the Doubler and into the 4S preempter but it lost. Back came another Spade which partner ruffed again.

   Trumps were drawn and now we needed to play some Hearts and Clubs. My Hearts were long and strong so Declarer tried another finesse through the doubler and into the preempter. It lost too! The 4S preempter had taken two tricks outside of their suit and the Doubler hadn't even gotted started yet with the Clubs.

   I've got the rest partner declared and put down their hand. The board's Hearts are all good and I have some trumps left too. Whoa, the Doubler said, what about your loser Clubs. Partner explained once again, the dummy's Hearts are good and I'll discard my Clubs on them. But it's our lead Doubler said, what if we lead Clubs, I've got the Ace. Oh, partner replied. Ok, what were you going to lead Preempter? I was going to lead another Spade to stick you in your hand, was the answer. Like I said, it was a friendly game.

   Well then, I'll ruff it, play out the Hearts and discard my Clubs. As Declarer tallied up the score, they said, let's see; that's 100 for the game, and I had 100 honors. Wait, plus I get 50 for the insult and another 100 for the doubled game right. Doubler was on the edge of a meltdown. Quit while you're ahead I pleaded to partner, you're pushing it just a bit.


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