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How to Bid The Gerber Convention
Asking for Aces

  Why use Gerber When to use Gerber How to bid Gerber
  •   Worry free slam bidding
  •   Checking for aces and kings
  •   When thinking of slam
  •   After a trump suit is chosen
  •   Bid 4C to 'ask'
  •   Plan your rebid

Gerber Convention Bidding

To use the Gerber convention you and partner must have agreed upon a trump suit and believe that you can also make at least a small slam. If you are missing two aces however you cannot make the slam.

A bid of 4C after a trump suit has been chosen is Gerber "asking for aces". It is an artificial bid, not a true club bid. Partner's response is a 'coded' message:

4D = 0 or all 4 aces
4H = 1 ace
4S = 2 aces
4NT = 3 aces

Partner can now bid 5C to ask you for Kings.

5D = 0 or all 4 kings
5H = 1 king
5S = 2 kings
5NT = 3 kings

This can help you reach slam!

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Asking for Aces. How to Bid the Gerber Convention in Rubber or Duplicate Bridge