Endplay, Endplay, Endplay! What's Irish and sits outside? Answer
  Bats are mysterious creatures. They tend to feed only on nights when there is a lot of insect activity. But how can they tell before leaving their caves?
  Bats have a middle ear receptor that can detect changes in barometric pressure of as little as one tenth of an inch. Low air pressure means warm cloudy weather which insects love.
  Europe has virtually eliminated deaths of children waiting for liver transplants by giving them priority over adults. What do you think?   The first American newspaper cartoon was published by Benjamin Franklin. It showed a snake cut into sections, each part representing an American colony. The caption read "Join or Die".
tree   70,000 people in the U.S. are both deaf and blind! Think about this and then your life.
5 groups of Boy Scouts are planting trees. The 1st Class Scouts pledge to plant half the trees of the other 4 groups. The Eagle Scouts say they will match the number planted by the rest of the troop put together. The 3 other groups plant a total of 40 trees. How many trees are planted in all? Solution










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Solution to Tree Scouts.

3 groups plant 40 trees.
1st Class Scouts plant 80 trees.
Eagle Scouts plant 120 trees.
The total # of trees planted is 240.



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