Bid till they Double you too much. What is the longest punctuation mark? Answer
  By 1949, five years after the end of WWII, one out of every five dollars spent by the U.S. government went to foreign aid, mostly in the form of the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe.
  Presently a poll of Americans shows they would support 5% of the federal budget to be given as aid to developing countries. In reality it's a miserly .6%. Factoring in our current military and humanitarian aid will double this only to 1.2%
  France got part of the money it took to build the Statue of Liberty from gambling proceeds, something illegal in the U.S. at the time.   The key to Henry Ford's mass production system was the assembly line. Workers stayed stationary while the car moved past them. This cut assembly time from 12 hours to 90 minutes, and the price of a new car from $850 to $290! Faster, cheaper, better.
mouse Spring, how lovely is the silence of growing things.
  Susan is always collecting stray cats and giving them a good home. She now has 3/4 of her total plus 3/4 of a kitten.How many kittens does she have in all? Solution










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The hundred yard dash.











Solution to Cats.

Susan has 3 cats.
3/4(x) + 3/4 = x
3x + 3 = 4x
x = 3


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