Descriptions of our 10 Bridge Bidding Flashcard titles

Overcall Flashcards 
  Everyday   For the regular Bridge player who wants to know more about bidding after the opponents have opened. 40 questions cover overcalling in a suit at the 1,2,3, level, overcalling 1NT, 2NT, 3NT, overcalling by Doubling, and what to do when the opponents bid your suit.
  Serious   Slightly harder for more advanced players. Covers the same topics but goes into more detail and includes Cue Bids, and Unusual NoTrump Overcalls. What Overcalls are Forcing and which can be Passed.
  • Why is 8 the magic number when you plan to overcall at the 2 level?
  • How does overcalling 1  3 differ from 1  3?
  • When does the rule of 2 and 3 come into effect and why is it important?
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Suit Bids Flashcards 
  Everyday   For regular Bridge players who play "Goren" bids. 1S  3S shows 13-16 points and is forcing on partner. Includes: responses, rebids, jump bids, forcing situations, points and suit length needed for common bids.
  Serious   For the more advanced yet still casual "Goren" bidder. Covers the same topics but with more depth to the explanations and requirements for each bid. Also goes into detail on what you need for reverses.
  Limit Bids   For the modern teaching methods where 1S  3S shows 10-12 points in your hand. This more refined bidding method changes the meaning of many of your other bids. Covers responses, rebids, jumps, forcing bids.
  • When do you need 3 card support and when do you have to have 4?
  • Why is 1  4 a much weaker bid than 1  3?
  • Examples of reverses, some of the most misunderstood and common bids.
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NoTrump Flashcards 
  Everyday   For regular "Goren" bidders to clear up what you need to respond after partner opens 1NT. Covers notrump responses, suit responses, jump responses, rebids by the 1NT bidder, intro to Stayman.
  Serious   More detail for "Goren" bidders on requirements for NoTrump bids and responses. Extra Stayman situations. How the 1NT opener evaluates their hand after a response, are they Forced or can Pass.
  Jacoby   All the same bidding situations but now takes into account Jacoby Transfers which changes the meaning of many bids. When do you use Stayman and when is it better to Transfer instead.
  • When should you open 1NT with a 5 card major?
  • Why is 1NT  4 weaker than 1NT  3?
  • How come 1NT  4NT is not Blackwood? What is?
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Other Flashcard Titles 
  Delightful Mix   Includes bids of Suit Bids, Overcalls, NoTrumps, Preempts, and 2 Bids all in one pack. A good introduction to show you exactly where you need more help. For Goren Bidders.
  Choice of 2 Suits   How to count your points, distribution and Quick Tricks. Why the requirements change in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd chair. When to open with 11 pts. Which suit to open with two 6 carders. A 6 and a 5. How about two 5 carders, or a 5 and a 4. For Goren or Limit Bidders.
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