Table of Contents to our BidMe Pages

  Suit Bids Overcalls Preempts
  •   Rebids by Responder
  •   Rebids by Opener
  •   Rebids by Responder
  •   Rebids by Opener
  •   Over their 1C bid
  •   Over their 1H bid
  •   Over their 1D bid
  •   If you're 2 Suited
  •   Partner bids 3D Try It!
  •   Partner bids 3C
  •   Opponent bids 3D
  •   Opponent bids 3C
  Balancing NoTrumps Doubles
  •   After  1H   P   P
  •   After  1H   1N  
  •   After  1S   P   P
  •   After  1D   P   P
  •   Opening Notrump Bids
  •   Responding to 1NT
  •   Stayman Bids
  •   Rebidding after Stayman

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